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A type leakage protection core series

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A type leakage protection core series

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Type A leakage protection core

The main difference between the A-type leakage protector and the AC-type leakage protector is that the AC type only protects the AC leakage, and does not operate against the DC ripple leakage, and does not protect it; the Type A not only protects the AC leakage but also protects it. Protects against DC ripple leakage. Therefore, Type A is more comprehensive and safer than AC type for leakage protection. The AC class can only detect the leakage of the standard sine wave in the power grid, which is suitable for use in some areas with good grid conditions. Then, in some areas with poor grid conditions, the AC power we use is often mixed with sine waves. Wave, Class A leakage protector can detect the hybrid wave, especially in places with DC harmonics, AC type leakage protection is easy to saturate without output performance. 


Note: The iron core is ring-shaped. The technical parameters and dimensions can be made according to customer specifications. The material of the protective box is PBT, PA66, resin coating.


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