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Detailed analysis of the transformer process

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Detailed analysis of the transformer process

Date of release:2018-06-11 Author:Shenzhen Kangpusen Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Current Transformer 

             Wrapping: After the special iron core of the transformer has passed the inspection, it is wrapped with the special insulating material of the transformer. This process is produced by waste insulating material.

Secondary coil winding: According to the parameters provided by the workshop operation process sheet, the winding workshop manufactures the secondary coil of the transformer with special equipment for transformer manufacturing.

Secondary coil detection: The secondary coil of the wound transformer must be inspected by the special testing equipment of the transformer, and flow into the next process after loading the national standard.

One-time coil winding: After the qualified secondary coil of the transformer is wound according to the requirements of the process operation, the primary coil of the transformer is wound and the semi-finished product of the transformer is made by wrapping in the winding workshop. After passing the special test equipment for transformers, it will pass through the next process.

Molding: After the qualified semi-finished products of the transformers are sent to the next process, the transformer molds are selected according to the model specifications on the semi-finished process card, and the process of the semi-finished products of the rivers and lakes is required to be loaded into the molds.

Vacuum casting: The semi-finished products of the transformers installed in the mold are heated and dried to meet the process requirements, and then sent to the epoxy vacuum casting equipment for the transformer. The epoxy mixed materials are injected into the mold by vacuum casting to remove the vacuum. After gas treatment, after the vacuum degree required by the process is reached, the mold is taken out and sent to an electric heating oven for heating and solidification.

Demoulding: The epoxy compound (epoxy resin and silicon micropowder) in the electric heating oven is heated and solidified in the mold, and then the mold is taken out from the oven, the mold is opened, and the transformer product is taken out.

Deburring: After the demoulding, the transformer is sent to the next process after deburring to meet the production requirements. This process is produced by an epoxy mixture.

Test: Before the transformer is shipped from the factory, it is necessary to carry out the routine test of each transformer with the special equipment of the transformer. If it meets the national standards, it will be factory-approved by the laboratory staff.

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