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What models are there for current transformers?

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What models are there for current transformers?

Date of release:2018-06-11 Author:Shenzhen Kangpusen Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Current Transformer

Low-voltage current transformers are available in LMZ1-0.5, LMZ1-0.66, LMZJ1-0.5, LMK-0.66, BH-0.66, SDH-0.66 and more. Some enterprise models are also special, such as ALH-0.66, AKH-0.66 and so on.


The selection of low-voltage current transformers is based on:

1. Rated insulation voltage: -0.5 transformer insulation voltage is 500V, generally used for cable penetration; -0.66 insulation voltage is 660V, suitable for wearing bare copper row / aluminum row.

2. LMZ1, LMZJ1 and other large size, can be fixedly installed, generally used for installation of fixed cabinets with large spacing; LMK, BH, SDH are small in size, can be directly fixed on the busbar or cable, generally used for high current In the loop or chest of drawers.

3. Depending on the size of the busbar or cable, you need to select different bore styles and sizes.

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