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Measures for burning current transformers

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Measures for burning current transformers

Date of release:2018-06-11 Author:Shenzhen Kangpusen Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Current Transformer

There are many reasons for the burning of current transformers. As long as the root cause is found, it is possible to prescribe the right medicine and take timely measures. These measures mainly include:

     1. Install circuit breakers to avoid branch faults and power outages on the entire line, especially to ensure that branch breakers can reliably trip.

     2. Connect the current transformer to the back of the circuit breaker to ensure that the circuit breaker and the lightning arrester operate correctly to remove the fault when the transformer is faulty.

     3. Strengthen the high-voltage insulation test of the user current transformer and lightning arrester, and find out the insulation aging degree of the transformer and the arrester early, and replace it in time to avoid the occurrence of power failure caused by the burnout of the transformer.

     4. In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean the user's equipment once to reduce pollution and avoid insulation degradation.

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